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My artistic discipline is poetry. Peers and educators have described my work as Georgic, narrative, lyrical, surreal, and cultural. Growing up in a small South Carolina town, becoming dazed in the quotidian is no chore, but I seek out the maximum within the minimal, the universal in the seemingly site-specific.

I strive in my role/position as a poet to bend the perspective of readers across time, space, race and age with an attempt to exploit the "everyday". I'm greatly influenced by my surroundings with a particular concentration on the social and the environmental. I'm also interested in poetry's ability to effect a society; analogous to religion, though I'm compelled by a subtle call-and-response.

I try to render the ever-present experiences that occur everyday but go un- noted because of the standard lens of the "everyday". Keeping in motion in different locations and meeting different people have provided a positive effect on the focus/shade of my work.

Poet. Writer. Educator.

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